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I Am Rich $1000 iPhone App Removed

Next time someone tells you that buying a “worthless” Iron Man figurine is a waste of money just point them to the eight geniuses who purchased the “I Am Rich” iPhone application. Developed by Armin Heinrich, a german software developer, the application retailed on the Apple App store for $999.99. The highest you can charge at the store.

Apple Unveils The iPhone 3G

Earlier today at WWDC, Steve Jobs officially unveiled the iPhone 3G. That’s what he called it, and so say we all. The phone has seen some minor and major improvements over the first gen iPhone, items we’ll detail in a moment. The biggest initial news to Apple fanboys and detractors alike is the $199 starting price point.

ATT CEO: 3G iPhone Coming Soon(er)

I say, “iPhone.” Now you reply, “3G!” And then AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega says at CTIA 2008 that you’ll get it in a few months. At least, that’s what he seemed to indicate during the event.

Apple iPhone SDK Includes Limitations

So why the limitation? The popular guess is that Apple is maintaining their system performance by making sure users can’t overload the iPhone’s processor and memory. Users can’t complain of the system being overworked if they aren’t allowed to run more than the iPhone was originally planned to handle.

What If Apple Had Designed The PSP?

Apple makes slick products. And Sony now has Skype on the PSP, turning it into a sort of PSPhone. So it’s no wonder that someone would put their Photoshop skills to work making a hybrid. You can see the image to the right, and it essentially looks like an iPhone with some Playstation buttons added. I’m assuming it’s an iPhone because there are zero analog sticks, so we’d need the touch screen.

Apple Updates The iPhone And Touch

If you were sitting on the sidelines waiting for the iPod Touch to become worthwhile, then this is your week. Apple has updated the new player by doubling the memory and setting some new prices. All bow at the alter of MP3. Oh and the iPhone has been upped as well.

Palm OS II Coming In Early 2009

Treo is sticking with what works, and refusing to get all caught up in this style over substance thing that seems to have overtaken the cellphone industry. Palm is standing by its plan to release a Linux-based relaunch of their Linux based Palm operating system in early 2009. Pundits have been clamoring for them to come out with something flashier

Apple Tightens Down On iPhone Purchases

It appears Apple is not only trying to keep control over its product, but now the company is tracking exactly who is purchasing the iPhones. According to an Apple Store employee, the company won’t let consumers pay cash for an iPhone anymore. Only credit cards and debit cards are permitted for purchase of an iPhone, specifically so the company can keep tabs on who buys the phone.

Airplane Mode Not A Guarantee For iPhone Use

One of the features of the iPhone I wasn’t previously aware of is that the unit can be put in “airplane mode,” a safe-mode that cuts all of the wireless features of the iPhone, theoretically permitting users to keep the phone on during flights that require passengers to discontinue cell phone use. The thing is, Apple might be the only one who sees the mode as being airplane safe, as one passenger just discovered.

Apple Gets iSued Over iPhone

Now consumers are retaliating with a class-action lawsuit that claims Apple’s lockdown of the iPhone violates antitrust laws in the state of California. The claim is based on Apple’s partnership with AT&T, which prohibits the iPhone from being used on any other network. If the lawsuit is successful, Apple would have to remove the software lock that limits the iPhone to one carrier and would no longer be allowed to deny warranty coverage to iPhones

Verizon Gives iPhone Alternative

Despite the ongoing controversy of being locked to one network or getting “bricked,” the iPhone is still one of the most desirable cell phone products on the market. Between its features and flat out “gadget” appeal, it probably even is a contender for one of this year’s best technological releases. Now, the iPhone is getting some competition from Verizon and LG

Apple Makes Good On Promise And Bricks Hacked iPhones

Well, you can’t say Apple didn’t warn people. Earlier in the week Steve Jobs issued the warning that hacked iPhones ran the risk of being broken when Apple released software updates. Thursday brought the first of these, iPhone 1.1.1 update and, sure enough, iPhones who had been hacked to work on other networks suddenly found themselves with some problems.

Apple Bites Back At Phone Hackers

I knew it was only a matter of time before Apple officially responded to the unlocking of the iPhone. Obviously the company, which has an exclusive deal with AT&T for American cell phone service, isn’t interested in seeing their product hacked to be used on other networks. Now their response has come and it’s as harsh as we expected it to be, which is to say, not very harsh at all.

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