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Iron Man Crushes BD-Live

I’m sure that as of right now I am not alone in having watched possibly the best put together Blu-ray disc to hit the market in Iron Man. At least until we get that Lord of the Rings set (soon please). I spent a good hour going over the Hall of Armor as I learned the most random details on Stark’s invention. And then there were the hours long making of that went into painstaking detail on bringing Shell Head to the big screen.

X Sting Wish: Fight Fires With A Gun

If Tony Stark were in need of a fire extinguisher for his Mark III armor it would most assuredly be based on Adam Scott’s X Sting Wish commercial extinguisher. This is more than a super cool gun toting anti-blaze weapon though. It’s designed to be more ergonomically friendly than the pull pin and squeeze nozzle of traditional fire extinguishers.

Batman And Iron Man Figures Better Than Plastic Toys

I should have known to just be patient after finding out how horribly cheap the Iron Man toys were. All the way in the land of the rising sun, at the Tokyo Toy Show, a couple of figures were shown off that should make most collector’s drool. Both Iron Man and Batman made an appearance on the showroom floor.

Paramount Adapts Iron Man Trailer Into Full Length Feature

It’s now official. Paramount is going to adapt the highly beloved Iron Man trailer to the big screen. The 90 second trailer is being expanded into a full length feature film. It’s a bold move taking such a condensed piece of action and character depth and fluffing it up into a movie.

Iron Man Toys Are Made From Disappointment

Last week as I perused the aisles of one of our local Targets (every one of these stores seems to have 2 or 3 relatives within a 10 minute drive) I noticed some Iron Man toys. Now, being a geek who is recently infatuated with all things Tony Stark I picked a few up and looked at them.

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