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Microsoft Sort Of Copying Apple Genius Bar

Microsoft should just stop going to toe to toe with Apple. Each time they go and “copy” a Cupertino idea it fails miserably. Microsoft can’t compete on the commercial front, even though the Mac vs PC ads are starting to get stale. Now Microsoft is looking to combat the Apple Genius’ with some Microsoft Gurus.

Microsoft Not Setting A Firm Release Date For 60GB Xbox 360

Microsoft claims that there is no actual “street date” for the new 60GB Xbox 360. It’ll just seep into retail channels and you’ll see it…whenever. I know MS has long had a stance that when they upgrade their current console it isn’t a big release event, and thus no thought is given to a release date.

Gears Of War 2 Collectibles, Comics, Novels And Giveaways At Comic Con

At this years San Diego Comic-Con fans will get a chance to get the latest details on the DC comic based on the game series, as well as some fancy new collectibles. It’s a veritable treasure trove of grunty man phrases being uttered throughout the Microsoft and DC Comics booths when Cliff Bleszinski brings along Marcus Fenix and the Cole Train.

AMD And NVIDIA Go Their Own Way With USB 3.0

Here comes AMD and NVIDIA to ruin my celebration of the format war’s end. The two computer hardware manufacturers have decided they are tired of waiting for the USB Implementers Forum (founded by Intel in 1995 with Microsoft, HP, Texas Instruments, NEC and NXP Semiconductors) to give them the specs on USB 3.0, so they are launching a competing spec.

First Windows 7 Details At All Things Digital

Windows 7 (or Vista redux if you prefer) has been unveiled at All Things Digital and it looks like Surface is making the transition to home PC. At least the multi-touch integration of Windows 7 appears to be pulling from a lot of the work the Surface team has done.

Surface Creator Moves On To LaserTouch

Microsoft Research has already developed a replacement to the yet commercially unreleased Surface. OK, so LaserTouch is currently just a prototype with absolutely no plans to bring it to market.

Bill Gates Appears As A Hologram

Bill Gates may no longer be in charge of Microsoft, but his plans to build a Galactic Empire are in full swing. Gates spoke at the World Congress of Information 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, but he wasn’t there. No, Mr. Gates appeared as a 15.1 foot holographic projection.

Micrsoft Denies Blu-ray Capable Xbox 360...Again

It’s come to the point with the Xbox 360 with Blu-ray fiasco that I’ll only believe it when I can walk into a store and purchase one. Even an official confirmation from Microsoft might not persuade me it is real.

Microsoft Is Not Messing Around Yahoo

Microsoft is taking the gloves off. They are tired of Yahoo not playing fair and accepting the $44.6 billion bid to buy the company, so they’re taking the issue to the fans. Or er…the shareholders.

Netflix Inquiring About Xbox LIVE

There’s no word on how the service would work with Marketplace. LG and Netflix have partnered recently to bring a set top box that streams movies to high def televisions.

Share Your Vista Nightmare Story And Win A Prize

It's no big secret that Microsoft Vista hasn't been the most well-received operating system release. I knew it was bad from several friends I have who weren't quick to embrace it. Then Microsoft offered the extension to manufacturers to keep using Windows XP - a sure sign that Vista was in jeopardy.

Microsoft Working To Support Blu-Ray

It almost sounds that there is still a high definition battle going on, despite the format finally being settled upon. Still, it’s good to hear Microsoft is moving towards accepting Blu-ray in some way. Regardless of their belief of digital distribution, consumers have just been put through one fight where digital release wasn’t a contender.

Microsoft Pulls Out Of HD-DVD

Microsoft surprised no one this past weekend when they followed Toshiba out of HD-DVD’s house. The party is now officially over for the 360. Microsoft will continue to support the HD-DVD add-on’s warranty and service the peripheral, but no more will be manufactured. We hear they’ll be dropping in price, and that would be an insult.

Yahoo Says No, Microsoft Says Come On Baby Please

Yahoo has told Microsoft “no” to their bid to acquire the internet company, but the boys in Redmond are not going to sit idly by. Microsoft may take its offer to the shareholders, which they believe offered great value to Yahoo. MS could also go into a proxy fight get rid of the current board of directors who denied their “full and fair” offer of $44.6 billion. There sure does seem to be a lot of bullying going on around here.

Microsoft Offers Free Zune Red 80 As Apology

Microsoft seems to have miscalculated how much people want the Red Zune 80. The Valentine’s Day special offer is going to have a product delay, so many who bought one to share musical love on February 14th will be without the warm embrace of Zune. But Microsoft is making things right…or at least they’re trying.

Microsoft Offers 44.6 Billion Bucks For Yahoo!

After a long run of rumors Microsoft has finally made a move to buy Yahoo! In a letter to the Yahoo! Board, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer laid out the plans and intentions for the acquisition. Also detailed in the letter is Microsoft’s previous plans to buy the Internet giant, which was dismissed a potential buyout because the time was not right. And initiatives like Project Panama would help drive growth at Yahoo!

Computer Shop Advertises Vista Removal Services

I keep seeing enough articles about Windows Vista’s downside to keep me away from upgrading away from XP. The fact that Microsoft gave vendors permission to continue installing XP past the initial changeover date wasn’t a good sign, but now computer shops appear to be drumming up business by advertising that they can remove the newer operating system for people who don’t like it.

New XP Service Pack Doesn't Bode Well For Vista

Bad news for Microsoft early adopters. It’s bad enough that many people are turning away from Windows Vista, preferring the stability and security of the older Windows XP Operating System. The latest news is that next year will be the year Vista has to start standing up to serious hackers as well, which isn’t instilling confidence in many people. On top of that, Service Pack 3 for Windows XP looks like it will put XP back on top

Sneak Peek At Microsoft Mobile Office Upgrade

Astute readers got an advanced glimpse at the contents of the upcoming Microsoft Office Mobile upgrade that won’t actually be available for a couple of weeks. Now most tech news sites are reporting about the upgrade, which was blogged about by a Microsoft employee who let spill a few details.

Microsoft Excel 2007 Gets Buggy

Question: When does 850 x 77.1 = 100,000? Answer: When you’re Microsoft. That math miscalculation is part of a bug found in Excel 2007. The real answer is 65,535, but apparently Excel 2007 has an issue displaying that specific number, and instead places 100,000 on the screen.

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