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MySpace Introducing Redesign On Monday

I can’t be sure anymore, but is MySpace even relevant anymore? I know it’s been quite a long while since I’ve been back to visit my profile page, and I do still hear of people using it. But have the popular kids all moved on to FaceBook, and is linkdIn the hip happening place for professionals?

Ron Paul Inspires Online Voting, But Not The Real Kind

On Saturday evening I was spending time with family, and my grandparents who had driven all the way from Long Island to cold ass Syracuse. Needless to say, my first priority was not watching the MTV-MySpace “Closing Arguments” hoopdeedoo political review that was happening. But it was of some interest, and we did have it on in the background. Ron Paul appeared on screen to give his long-winded answers to some fairly simple questions, and it sort of enthralled a handful of us.

MySpace Goes Mobile

Are you a MySpace junkie? Do you need to answer 32 random questions about you any time you get bored? Is there an unrelenting need for you to post comments on the pictures that provide evidence of your friends’ underage drunken orgies? These things have been possible for some time as long as you used Helio or AT&T as your cell phone provider, but next week a portable version of MySpace will be made available to all cell phone carriers.

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