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AMD And NVIDIA Go Their Own Way With USB 3.0

Here comes AMD and NVIDIA to ruin my celebration of the format war’s end. The two computer hardware manufacturers have decided they are tired of waiting for the USB Implementers Forum (founded by Intel in 1995 with Microsoft, HP, Texas Instruments, NEC and NXP Semiconductors) to give them the specs on USB 3.0, so they are launching a competing spec.

NVIDIA To Purchase Physics Processor Ageia

The problem with a Physics processor (PPU) is that it’s unnecessary. It’s no wonder that Ageia, developer of the PhysX chip has had trouble getting a foothold in the PC market since forming in 2002. The only substantial headway the company has made is getting inside the Playstation 3. NVIDIA announced that they would acquire Ageia, with the intention of integrating the PhysX technology into future NVIDIA products.

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