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Uncontrolled Spy Satellite Destined To Crash Into Earth

It’s not uncommon for satellites to come out of orbit, but there is a small level of concern over this one. Typically spy satellites, used for reconnaissance and information gathering, are discarded through a controlled re-entry, dumping the satellite into the ocean where nobody can access the craft and the secrets it might hold. Since there is no control over this satellite, that’s not an option.

Mars Replaces Rudolph In Christmas Eve Sky

Days after the message came that Mars could be hit by a large asteroid early next year, it’s clear the red planet isn’t worried. In fact, Mars is expected to shine brightly in the Christmas sky, possibly replacing the need for Rudolph’s red nose in the front of Santa’s sleigh as the big guy makes his rounds tonight.

Mars Has A Shot At Deep Impact

We’ve read concerns before about asteroids colliding with Earth – an event that could have catastrophic effects on the planet and the human race. Now it looks like a similar threat is possibly headed toward our sister planet, Mars. Scientists say there is a 1 in 75 chance that a 160-foot wide astronaut could collide with Mars in January, based on current projections.

Google Offers Moon Challenge

Google definitely appears interested in exploring their boundaries beyond our planet’s gravity. It’s interesting to watch this unfold. As people keep expecting the announcement of a Google operating system or a branded phone to compete with Apple’s iPhone, Google looks to be revealing expansion interests in different areas completely. Still, the unexpected and unexplored areas have paid off for Google so far.

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