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Microsoft Is Not Messing Around Yahoo

Microsoft is taking the gloves off. They are tired of Yahoo not playing fair and accepting the $44.6 billion bid to buy the company, so they’re taking the issue to the fans. Or er…the shareholders.

Yahoo Says No, Microsoft Says Come On Baby Please

Yahoo has told Microsoft “no” to their bid to acquire the internet company, but the boys in Redmond are not going to sit idly by. Microsoft may take its offer to the shareholders, which they believe offered great value to Yahoo. MS could also go into a proxy fight get rid of the current board of directors who denied their “full and fair” offer of $44.6 billion. There sure does seem to be a lot of bullying going on around here.

Microsoft Offers 44.6 Billion Bucks For Yahoo!

After a long run of rumors Microsoft has finally made a move to buy Yahoo! In a letter to the Yahoo! Board, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer laid out the plans and intentions for the acquisition. Also detailed in the letter is Microsoft’s previous plans to buy the Internet giant, which was dismissed a potential buyout because the time was not right. And initiatives like Project Panama would help drive growth at Yahoo!

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