Transformers Zippos Light Japan On Fire

By Steve West 2008-03-16 19:17:07
Iíve been seeing the ads for years that tell us how bad smoking can be. You could lose your leg, destroy your lungsÖsing like a cowboy with an awesome robotic drawl. All horrible fates. And so I no longer smoke, because I believed the hype. Over in Japan they donít believe the hype. Zippo is making a kick-ass limited edition Transformers lighter that proves smoking is on the side of right.

OK, perhaps the autobots donít support smoking. But I do indeed support the cool design of these lighters. Zippo makes a good product, but letís be honest with ourselves. The typical Jim Beam or Deer Caught Staring motif is a bit ridiculous. I look like a moron walking around the city with something like that. So itís nice whenever you come across the Zippo designs that are in some way appealing.

The Transformers lighters will only be sold in Japan, and 300 are being made. Iím sure while people like me would love this item here in America, Zippo would have a lot of trouble explaining a childrenís cartoon character on an item that is designed to light cigarettes. Ah well, I quit anyways.
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