50 Cent In Talks With Fox To Develop An Animated Comedy Based On His Childhood

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 50 Cent In Talks With Fox To Develop An Animated Comedy Based On His Childhood image
If I was to name the people I think most unlikely to ever be the inspiration for an animated comedy, I think 50 Cent might be near the top. Apparently thatís not the case for the people at Fox, because word is the network is nearing a deal to develop such a project based on the rapperís childhood.

Deadline says Fox is looking to order either a pilot or a presentation for the project from 50 Cent and producer Randall Emmett (End of Watch). The show would be loosely based on 50 Cent (born Curtis Jackson)ís childhood in which a boy whose good intentions and penchant for mischief often find him in hot water with his family and the eccentric people in his neighborhood. Iíll admit to not knowing a whole lot about 50 Centís background, but somehow I had the impression he was born an angry rapper.

50 Centís life has already been chronicled in the movie Get Rich Or Die Tryiní, which was his first acting role. Heís done some more acting since then, and recently guest starred on The Finder in addition to his movie roles. He and Emmett are also working on a drama project called Power about a New York nightclub owner with a penchant for criminal activities.

It sounds like the animated project would fit in pretty well at Fox, a network well known for pushing the envelope with adult animation. Certainly 50 Cent seems like an edgy enough subject to meet Fox animation viewers standards.
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