10 Great Recurring Community Jokes: From Inspector Spacetime To Cougar Town

By Jesse Carp 3 years ago discussion comments
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8. Shut Up, Leonard.
Leonard as a character is already kind of a recurring gag but the way the rest of the group, particularly Jeff, treat him like Greendaleís own version of Seinfeldís Newman is hilarious. Before getting into a few of the other funny things that one of the most senior students at the school does, itís probably worth saying shut up, Leonard and play the hits. On top of being repeatedly told to keep quiet, he also hosts Leonardís Food Reviews on YouTube where you can watch him taste and then recommend buying both Letís Potato Chips and Eugenioís Four Cheese Frozen Pizza. But no Macaroni. Leonard also loves to share his thoughts with his own Chuck Lorre style vanity cards. And we all know about his crooked wang!

9. Dean Peltonís Obsessions
Dean Pelton is an odd duck. If thereís is one thing everyone knows about the about the man in charge of Greendale Community College, itís that he loves his outfits. Boy, there are plenty of greats to choose from. Aside from his fashion statements, heís also got a flair for puns (as mentioned) as well as a penchant for awkward phrasing (about monkey hotels). While itís all but impossible to miss his entrances, you may not have noticed his obsession with deanmatians, sorry, dalmatians. ĒI hope this doesnít stir anything in me. Oh. Almost forgot. He loves Jeff too. LOVES Jeff. Just seeing him on a rugged day can be alarming. And no one can forget the Kiss From A Rose. He tweeted it!

10. Troy and Abed in the End Tags!
The list has already highlighter a few of TroBedís finer tag moments, fighting Blorgons and getting stuck in vending machines, but the one that caught everyoneís attention was Danny Pudi and Donald Gloverís Spanish rap La Biblioteca which was eventually followed up with an Anthropology Rap with Betty White. Then came the fan favorite Troy and Abed in the Morning!, a series that including a wide variety of guests like Starburns and even created spin-offs Troy and Abed in the Morning! Nights!> (Troy and Abed in the Morning! Nights Part 2) and wannabes. Sorry, Annie. Sometimes, they arenít as focused or structured, because, well, sometimes you just have to krump. Like premiere day.

The fourth season of Community starts tonight with ďHistory 101Ē at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Read our review of the episode and the third episode of the season here.
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