2008 Winter TV Preview: Power of 10

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2008 Winter TV Preview: Power of 10 image
Power of 10 - Season 2
Premieres: Wednesday, January 2 at 8:00 p.m. EST
Network: CBS
Creator(s):Michael Davies
Starring:: Drew Carey
Website: CBS.com

Think you know how Americans think? Test your know-how on Power of 10, hosted by Every-Guy Drew Carey. The contestant who most accurately predicts how the American public will respond to various questions could walk away with millions.

No topic is off-limits, to wit:

How many Americans believe they are smarter than President George W. Bush?

What percentage of Americans say they were virgins the day they got married?

The answers might not surprise you. Or, like Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman, they might shock the hell out of you.

Remember when The $10,000 Pyramid was big business? These days, if you’re not offering at least a million bucks on a game show, you’re small stuff.

Anyway, this show is fun because it’s always interesting to see what dolts people can be. And likewise, how funny and heartwarming they can be. And Quip-Master Drew Carey has carved out a nice little niche as a game show host. He’s relatable. Like the guy next door you’d have a beer with. Only with millions of dollars. Hey, Drew, you can move in next to me any day.

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Here’s a clip:

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