24: Live Another Day Set Photos Reveal Secret Locations

By Kelly West 2014-03-24 10:48:08 discussion comments
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24: Live Another Day Set Photos Reveal Secret Locations image
As you may have heard already, one of the big differences between 24 (original) and 24: Live Another Day is the lack of CTU in the latter mentioned event series. There is no Counter Terrorist Unit but there is CIA representation in this story, and some of the new photos that have made their way online give us a look at their headquarters.

THR ran a feature showcasing the work of British production designer Jonathan Lee, who was tasked with coming up with the design of the 24: Live Another Day set. That included creating the workspace of the CIA headquarters, which you can see in the photo above and again his this wider view, which overlooks a small cluster of desks set in a vast industrial space...

CIA big

So why this particular look? Among Lee's comments about his plans to design the backdrop for some of the scenes in this limited series, he explains that he had to watch the past seasons of the series to get an idea of the style of the series. "Watching the previous shows was absolutely vital to understanding the visual language of 24," Lee told THR. Of course, this is a new story and some new rules apply. For example, Lee revealed that the CIA group in Live Another Day is "supposed to be a deniable black site in Britain," meaning this place doesn't really exist, so this location is hidden, hence the look to the interior of this space, which Lee says is "inspired by Britain's industrial history." I imagine the exterior would look even more industrial, depending on where this secret location is actually set.

Meanwhile, THR also gave us a look at Chloe's "hacker hub".


Apparently, Mary Lynn Rajskub's Chloe O'Brien was originally supposed to be hacking away -- She's working for a "Julian Assange-Wikileaks kind of guy" -- in an old church, but Lee said it looked a bit too much like the CIA headquarters so they changed the location for her "hacker hub" to an abandoned restaurant that's said to be "colorful" and "anarchic." Sounds about right for Chloe!

THR has more set photos for 24: Live Another Day set up in an informative slideshow, which you can check out here! And you can get a peek of some locations from the series in the episode stills here.

Here's the previously released trailer:

24: Live Another Day premieres Monday, May 5 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox.
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