3 Big Reasons Once Upon A Time Has Lost Its Way In Season 2

By Jessica Rawden 4 years ago discussion comments
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3. What ever happened to the villains?
Once Upon a Time has hindered its biggest strength: its villains. Lana Parrillaís Regina and Robert Carlyleís Mr. Gold have always been creepy and a little sadistic, selfish and bold. They pull out hearts and make deals they couldnít possibly lose. They twist peopleís words and meddle in peopleís lives and livelihoods. They are as vindictive in the present as they were in the fairytale land. Until suddenly, it has all stopped.

Sure, when the show steps into the past, Regina is more than willing to pull out a heart or two and Gold is up to his old tricks. However, in the present, Gold has found himself tied to all things good by the beautiful Belle. In order to be a compelling bad guy, you canít really have kind and gentle baggage, and, at some point, Gold is going to have to choose. Until then, itís not particularly exciting to watch the man waffling. Regina, on the other hand, is going through some sort of midlife crisis to return to her roots as a gentle princess. She wants to try to make amends with her son Henry, and she seems to want to try to confront her problems. Sheís even going to therapy. By hindering itís villains, the conflict in the show has to focus more on monsters and supernatural creatures. Itís a slippery slope, and I'm willing to bet it feels like a slap in the face to Parrilla and Carlyle.

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