35 Amazon Prime TV Offerings For Binge Watching Over The Holidays

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago discussion comments
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(17) Intervention
Few American reality shows have ever been as gripping as Intervention. The weekly documentary follows two addicts in battles for their lives. At first, their day-to-day habits are followed and later, their loved ones confront them with pleas to seek treatment. Typically, they go, but as for whether or not they succeed at rehab, it completely depends on the episode. Regardless, no punches are ever pulled.

(18) Duck Dynasty: The extended family Duck Dynasty depicts might be a little rough around the edges, but theyíre actually very intelligent. Beyond that, their strange brand of family values is extremely endearing. It takes a few episodes to get on board and get the rhythms, but after awhile, itís really quite addicting.

(19) American Pickers: A mix of Antiqueís Road Show, Pawn Stars and Storage Wars, American Pickers unleashes two seasoned dealhunters into the world and lets them pick through old priorities, basements and attics in order to find great deals. Thereís also mildly amusing banter and a ton of great backstories about the pieces.

Feel like watching some more reality? Check out (20) Chopped, (21) Americaís Book Of Secrets, (22) America: The Story Of Us, (23) House Hunters and (24) No Reservations.
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