5 Good TV Shows We Want To See Less Of

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Once Upon A Time
Jessicaís pick: Once Upon A Time
Bringing fairytale characters to life on the small screen was a fun and inventive idea when Once Upon A Time first hit the schedule. It helped the drama that many of the characters appearing on the show also happen to be part of the Disney canon, which has basically proved to be free advertising for the company. Then, someone had an idea to air a limited series focused on Alice and Wonderland that would air during network TVís winter break. That could have been a good way for ABC to get some original programming on the air during winter hiatus while maintaining interest in a popular series. Regardless, the idea was later turned Once Upon A Time in Wonderland into a full-fledged series, creating two nights of television chock full of fairy tale characters on ABC.

Unlike the original OUAT, the spinoff is a self-contained story, which means it simply feels like a side narrative from Once Upon A Time, rather than a separate idea within a completely separate world. Itís true that Wonderland its own distinct place, but since that place has also appeared on Once Upon A Time, itís ideas donít break the mold enough to feel like a separate narrative, despite its completely separate storyline. Beyond this, there are simply too many fairy tale characters on ABC throughout the week. The Once Upon A Time/Once Upon A Time in Wonderland duo may not be the worst offender on this list, but itís not doing anything to improve ABCís schedule, and if it does return for a second season, Iíll eat the OUAT Mad Hatterís hat.
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