6 Huge Issues The X Factor Needs To Fix If It Returns For Season 4

By Mack Rawden 12 months ago discussion comments
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Simon Problems
Simon Cowell is the best reality competition judge in the history of the genre. Heís funny. He has a great sense of what types of performers will actually sell, and he knows when to be honest and heartfelt when giving critiques. A case could be made that heís the single biggest reason singing competitions took off in America, but more than a decade after he started, he really needs to shake up the formula a little bit. He feels too inside his little zone, and as a result, even his odd little quips and bizarre comparisons donít feel as biting.

Maybe Simon needs another industry type thatís even more honest then him, thus making him play a new role. Maybe he needs to go for less outlandish comments and start giving full on constructive criticism every time. Regardless, something needs to change because I know at least a dozen people who have stopped watching specifically because theyíre sick of his Simon-ness.
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