6 Things Cable Companies Need To Do To Justify Their Prices

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago discussion comments
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Give Customers Easier Ways To Watch Their Favorite Teams
I love the Chicago Blackhawks, and I would gladly pay any amount of money within reason to watch all of their games. Unfortunately, I cannot do that because my cable provider doesnít have NHL Center Ice. So, even though thereís no way for me to pay for the game to watch it, the channel itís on is still blacked out on game day. The same thing goes for NFL Sunday Ticket. Only DirecTV is allowed to offer that goodness; so, more weeks than not, Iím shut out of watching the Bears.

More people than ever are moving away from home; yet, many still prefer to support the teams they grew up with. We have to give people a better way to watch these games. It is outlandish that AT&T doesnít offer Center Ice, and it is outlandish that the NFL has agreed to an exclusive deal with DirecTV for Sunday Ticket. The goal here should be building fanbases, not maximizing revenues in the short-term. If thereís one thing a sports fan will never do, itís cancel cable when he or she can watch their favorite teams play, but if they donít have access to the games, they may very well take that option. In fact, professional sports leagues and the various providers should start working together to potentially offer an even wider range of plans that would allow people to follow only specific teams. For example: I donít like the NBA enough to pay more than one hundred dollars to get every game, but I would probably pay $50 to get every Bulls game during the season.
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