7 Fantastic New TV Shows That Hooked Us In 2013

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Da Vinciís Demons
Da Vinciís Demons is a weird show that vaguely plays within historical timelines and with real historical figures but frequently takes license to amend and abridge for the sake of entertainment value. It offers viewers a pompous and selfish main character who is extremely difficult to root for. It has an odd obsession with birds, and despite is willingness to get sexual and violent, itís probably a little too science and invention-driven to ever draw a large audience. Itís just an odd duck, but for those willing to walk out on a ledge and fixate on the mind of a virtuoso, thereís a canvas of joy and insight to be found here.

Like Sherlock, Da Vinciís Demons spends much of its time fixating on how its heroís mind works. It releases birds into the wild in slow motion as a way of conveying the angles heís seeing. It leaves viewers completely in the dark as to how Da Vinci will solve problems of imminent importance, and it turns up the volume for dozens and dozens of strategy sessions that plot with the best of Ďem.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a true original with a wide variety of interests and a brain that rivals the smartest who ever lived. It only makes sense his show would be scatter-brained, chaotic and ultimately, really, really good. (By Mack Rawden)

Da Vinciís Demons Season 2 is expected to air on Starz this Spring.

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