All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Art And A Villainess

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The Contenders
#5) Brande Roderick (20): Brande has actually been a solid player over the last several weeks and during the fundraising task, she redeemed herself from the first challenge by keeping tabs on all the money that came in. She hasn’t shown any real leadership skills, but she does seem like the type of person who can be a great asset as a sidekick and could stick around in this competition for a while.

#6) Lisa Rinna (18): It clearly doesn’t speak well of Lisa that she won her task this week and that she’s still this low in the rankings. Honestly, however, this is only occurring because Lisa never seems to do much. She seems like a friendly, nice woman who doesn’t really want to make reality TV waves, but she didn’t really delegate this week and she doesn’t seem to be able to contribute either leadership or ideas. I’m not sure how much longer she’ll be able to stay a player in the game. #7) Dennis Rodman (16): Dennis actually contributed great artwork this week. If you give him a task, he can capably accomplish it, but he’s the exact opposite of a self-starter and he hasn’t signed up as a project manager, yet. It seems like any opportunity to show teamwork and leadership will go horribly, but maybe Dennis will find something inside himself to earn the win.n

#8) Stephen Baldwin (14): You know what’s frustrating about Stephen? He smiles like he’s the smartest guy in the room with a wild scheme in the back of his mind, but he’s not the smartest guy in the room and his scheme is always transparent. He seems to be under the impression that he needs to outthink everyone, but really, if he just acted like a genuine human being and was a team player, he wouldn’t need to be so underhanded.

#9) Gary Busey (12): Just Gary being Gary. I mean what else are we supposed to say at this point? One of these times in the near future, he’s going to need to be project manager, and when that day comes, he’ll either rise to the occasion or sink like his damn Hang Brain sculpture. Let’s be honest. It’s probably going to be the latter, but at least it’ll be entertaining as hell.

Trace Adkins (14)
Marilu Henner (13)
Penn Jillette (12)
Lil Jon (11)
Brande Roderick (10)
Lisa Rinna (9)
Dennis Rodman (8)
Stephen Baldwin (7)
Gary Busey (6)
Lil Jon (14)
Penn Jillette (13)
Trace Adkins (12)
Marilu Henner (11)
Brande Roderick (10)
Lisa Rinna (9)
Dennis Rodman (8)
Stephen Baldwin (7)
Gary Busey (6)

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