All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Bret Michaels Returns

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The Contenders
#3) Trace Adkins (23): Trace is creative and he has zero problems delegating. However, when he is the project manager, he just picks an idea and runs with it and he’s terrible about talking to the executives. This no-nonsense attitude works for the singer, but it also could be his undoing. We’ll have to wait and see how the pony-tailed wonder does during his next tenure at bat.

#3) Marilu Henner (23): Marilu’s travel brochure was brilliant. It was one of the most visually appealing and professional-looking handouts I have ever seen anyone do on either the celebrity or normal versions of Apprentice. That being said, Marilu is going to need to prove she’s great with conceiving bigger ideas rather than executing details if she’s going to win.

#5) Lisa Rinna (20): I know Lisa Rinna would be bummed if she knew she was lumped down at the bottom of the pile with Gary, but we all know the bigger gap is between Lisa and Gary rather than Marilu and Lisa. Lisa and Penn both pulled double time this week during the task to make up for Gary’s lacking. There’s no doubt in my mind that Lisa is a good player, but we’re also getting to the point in the game where everyone is a fine player. She’ll have to prove she’s great if she wants to move forward.

#6) Gary Busey (18): Was anyone surprised when Busey told the travel executives about overhearing someone get murdered in South Africa back in the day? I certainly wasn’t. Gary is a loose cannon. He’s an enthusiastic madman who means well and is wildly distracting. I’ve enjoyed watching him, but his number should be up the next time his team loses.

Penn Jillette (14)
Lil Jon (13)
Marilu Henner (12)
Trace Adkins (11)
Lisa Rinna (10)
Gary Busey (9)
Penn Jillette (14)
Lil Jon (13)
Trace Adkins (12)
Marilu Henner (11)
Lisa Rinna (10)
Gary Busey (9)

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