All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Why Did That Seem Like A Good Idea?

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The Dark Horses
#9) Omarosa (12): It’s upsetting to watch Omarosa’s team chicken out on bringing her into the boardroom week in and week out. However, I guess it saves the audience from having to listen to her inane arguments. What confuses me most about Omarosa is why she isn’t a hard worker. This week she took four hours to get a partial list of props. Last week, she disappeared for half the task to deal with nonsense. In short, she’s lazy. Her team may be scared of her, but she’s a weak individual who doesn’t really garner respect from anyone. It’s about time for her to go.

#10) Gary Busey (10): Busey is sort of like the anti-Omarosa. His teammates aren’t afraid to continually single him out in the boardroom; yet, no one really dislikes him. Everyone agrees he’s a good dude. He’s just kind of a well-intentioned weirdo that can be distracting if he’s not given enough to do. For his sake, I hope his team keeps winning.

Lil Jon (14)
Marilu Henner (13)
Trace Adkins (12)
Penn Jillette (11)
Brande Roderick (10)
Stephen Baldwin (9)
Lisa Rinna (8)
Dennis Rodman (7)
Omarosa (6)
Gary Busey (5)
Lil Jon (14)
Penn Jillette (13)
Trace Adkins (12)
Marilu Henner (11)
Brande Roderick (10)
Lisa Rinna (9)
Dennis Rodman (8)
Stephen Baldwin (7)
Omarosa (6)
Gary Busey (5)

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