All-Stars Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Which Vowel Were We Supposed To Buy?

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The Contenders
#5) Brande Roderick (20): Brande has mostly spent tasks in the backdrop, contributing what she can without making waves. However, this week she stepped up her game immensely to fill the void since Dennis Rodman clearly had no idea how to step up as a project manager. Brande prepared a really nice presentation for the team, and while she was a little shaky while speaking, her speech was really nice and hit all the key points. If she can keep up that level of work effort, she should stick around for a while longer.

#6) Lisa Rinna (18): Lisa was basically Mariluís wingman this week, and she did quite well for herself. She was engaged and helpful throughout, and regardless of what happens, she should be very proud of herself. Her first time on Apprentice wasnít exactly anything to write home about, but this year, sheís been a solid contributor throughout the competition.

#7) Stephen Baldwin (16): Apparently, when Stephen Baldwin isnít operating any of his wild schemes, heís actually a pretty fun guy. Thatís what we found out this week when he largely behaved himself, contributed and shared more than a few laughs with his fellow players, the clear highlight being him making fun of the other team after the competition for spelling Melania with an ďiĒ instead of an ďaĒ, which, of course, is wrong too.

#8) Gary Busey (14): Gary is the only player left in the competition who has not been project manager. Technically, thereís no rule saying the players have to give everyone a chance, but thanks to scenes from next week, we know heís going to lead the ship. Being project manager hasn't always gone well for him in the past, but with a supporting cast that hasnít quite reached the end of its rope with him yet, itís possible this time will go a little better.

Trace Adkins (14)
Marilu Henner (13)
Lil Jon (12)
Penn Jillette (11)
Brande Roderick (10)
Lisa Rinna (9)
Stephen Baldwin (8)
Gary Busey (7)
Penn Jillette (14)
Lil Jon (13)
Trace Adkins (12)
Marilu Henner (11)
Brande Roderick (10)
Lisa Rinna (9)
Stephen Baldwin (8)
Gary Busey (7)

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