The Amazing Race Watch: Funky Monkey

By Patrick Hodges 4 years ago discussion comments
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The Pit Stop for Leg Four was at the Shambazar Chan Mia Ghat. And yes, I had to look up what a ďghatĒ was: it is a series of steps leading down to a body of water, usually a holy river. Thank you, Wikipedia!

Below is the order the contestants finished in, along with some of their more interesting moments.

#1. James and Abba - Iím glad Team Rockstar decided to go for the Fast Forward, because now I finally get a chance to see what they can do with a lead. No team ever had an easier victory, as no one else decided to even try for the FF, and as a result, the two dudes will be chilliní in Antigua sometime in their future. Cool, man!

#2. Abbie and Ryan - The best image of the season was courtesy of Abbie, who stood behind a constantly-jabbering Nadiya and simulated putting a gun to her own head and pulling the trigger. Yeah, five minutes of Nadiya makes me want to do that, never mind 24/7. Anyway, since they passed on the FF, second place was the best they could hope for, and thatís what they got. They are clearly the team to beat this season.

#3. Natalie and Nadiya - Despite being loud and obnoxious, the twins knocked it out on this leg, totally kicking butt on the bus repair despite being the only all-girl team left. I donít know how long that particular task took, but I swear, by the end of it, everyone in the immediate zip code, racers and locals alike, wanted to strangle Nadiya. Her voice is so shrill, and it never stops.

#4. Josh and Brent - Team Capricorn really surprised me this week, and seem to be slowly creeping up the ladder. Despite resembling the proverbial 95-pound weaklings, they proved that looks can most definitely be deceiving. Despite being at least thirty minutes behind Rob and Kelley, they were able to score their best finish yet. They are definitely this seasonís Bopper and Mark.

#5. Rob and Kelley - Team Monster Truck looked like they were going to make a move, leaving the Roadblock in second place. Naturally, Rob and his enormous biceps chose the blacksmith option, and they finished that task in short order. But there seems to be one point in each leg where they just lose steam, and thatís never good. In this case, they misread a clue, and it ended up costing them one spot. I think theyíll be out in the next leg or two.

#6. Jaymes and James - Itís obvious that if Team Magic Mike decide to change careers, it will not be in the field of bus maintenance. Despite his physique, Jaymes (or was it James? I canít tell!) was a lost cause at applying putty, and this cost them a lot of time. They werenít much better at being quilt seamstresses. Iím betting this was just them getting another bad leg out of their system.

#7. Trey and Lexi - After just missing first place in the last two legs, a letdown was probably inevitable, and Team Texas hit a wall in Bangladesh. They are fortunate that there was one team with less gusto this week, and Iím hoping that the next leg, which will also take place in Bangladesh, will not see them get eliminated.

The following team came in last and was eliminated:

#8. Gary and Will - Well, I did call it last week, didnít I? Despite all the equilizers, Tenn and Peller still managed to come in last. They professed to being TARís biggest fans, so good for them, they got to live their dream, and Iím sure they had a good time, but I really hope they had no allusions about winning, any more than I would have if I got to run the race. I mean, I would totally do it if asked, but if the first task involved me dragging my fat ass up the Andes on a llama, I wouldnít be too optimistic about my chances, you know?

Next week: More Bangladesh. Hereís hoping the twins meet their Bangla-doom.
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