America Ferrara Pushing For An Ugly Betty Movie

By Jason J. Hughes 6 years ago discussion comments
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America Ferrara Pushing For An Ugly Betty Movie image
This week saw the final episode of ABC's Ugly Betty. Once the darling of the network. Betty saw her ratings drop surreptitiously this season after an ill-conceived move to Fridays, and the show never recovered. But, if series star America Ferrara has her way, the show will go on.

It's easy to see why Ferrara would be so attached to the role, considering it easily made her into a household name. Ahlan! reports that Ana Ortiz, who played Betty's sister on the show, said, "Itís something that weíve been talking about and itís something that America Ferrera would really love to do. That woman has so much determination that I canít imagine anything she puts her mind to not getting done."

What she didn't clarify is if this is just a pipe dream of Ferrara's, and perhaps some of the cast and crew, or if this is something that could actually have the beginnings of some legs in Hollywood. Certainly press like this doesn't hurt the cause. With Ferrara pushing for it, it's certainly a possibility, but considering the recent ratings for the series, it would be a challenge to convince a director that a movie could be a success.

One need only look at the film Serenity†to see how a fanatical cult following doesn't necessarily mean a massive box office success. To this day, Firefly†is one of the most critically acclaimed science fiction series of all time, and it couldn't transition into a successful film. On Betty's†side, there is the fact that she was at least a hit at one time on the screen, and she outlasted 'Firefly' by about three-and-a-half seasons.

Would you support an Ugly Betty movie, or would you rather see Ferrara and the cast move on to other projects right away?

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