Amy Poehler Will Leave SNL In November

By Kelly West 8 years ago discussion comments
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Amy Poehler Will Leave SNL In November image
With her first baby on the way, SNL comedian Amy Poehler has set the date for her maternity leave, which will also mark her official departure from Saturday Night Live. For those of you who love her Hillary Clinton impersonation, rest assured that Poehler plans to stick around until after the election.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news, stating that Poehler told Menís Vogue that she wonít be returning to SNL after giving birth and will instead, focus her non-mommy hours on the upcoming (and highly anticipated) comedy series from The Office (U.S.) mastermind Greg Daniels and Mike Schur. While SNL wonít be the same without Poehler, Iím sure Iím not alone in my eagerness to see how Poehler does with this new, yet to be titled show. And Iím sure we havenít seen the last of Poehler on SNL, anyway. At the very least, sheíll probably return as a guest host sometime in the future.

In the meantime, here are a few Amy Poehler SNL clips, including the hilarious cold open from last weekendís season premiere:

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