Another season of Big Brother draws to a close this Wednesday night. At the start of the season, if you had told me that the final three would be Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie, I'm not sure I would have believed it. None of them hit the ground running, as GinaMarie joined the showmance club, pairing up with Nick (kind of). Spencer secured himself a spot in an alliance that had potential, though he seemed more likely to provide more vote-support than anything in the Moving Company. And Andy struck me as the ultimate floater, which he did sort of turn out to be. So how did these three make it to the end? They were smart enough to lock arms near the end and secure themselves the strength in numbers when it mattered the most. They aren't my personal picks for the Top 3. Not by a stretch. But they didn't get there by accident.

So, who deserves to win? I'm of the mindset that whoever actually wins deserves to win. The whole point of Big Brother is to stay in the house as long as possible and get to the Final 2 next to someone the jury wants to see win less than you. So it doesn't matter who we want to win. Who will win is whoever got to the Final 2 and managed to secure more than half of the votes from the jury. Predicting that is nearly impossible. We think we can guess how people will vote, but the jury has surprised us in the past. I wouldn't have predicted that last season's jury would've been so unappreciative of Dan's efforts to get to the end. I thought at least some of the jury would have thrown him a vote for the work Dan put into securing himself a spot in the Final 2. Alas, they went with the person who burned them less. Or maybe they just didn't want to see a veteran houseguest win a second time. Who knows? It doesn't matter. If Dan had "deserved" to win, he would have.

With the above said, there are reasons why all three of the Top Three houseguests could win this season of Big Brother. Each of their games have merit, and there's a chance any one of them could be $500,000 richer come Wednesday night. Let's look at the arguments to be made for why each deserves the grand prize.


GinaMarie - On Head of Household wins, GM's in line with Andy with two, though Andy has a couple of Veto wins on her so he's ahead there. And really, two HoH's isn't really enough to warrant competition credit, though it does exclude her from being carried to the end. You really only need to win one HoH to avoid being branded a weak player. But GM's biggest strength in the game is her loyalty. She stuck by the people she was loyal to pretty firmly, only wavering the week Aaryn went home, which is when she was at risk of being nominated. That's also when the Exterminators formed. She was devoutly loyal to the Exterminators to the end. If she gets to the Final 2, GM's best bet is to argue that she got to the end being loyal, and she's proof that you can make the Final 2 without back-stabbing. This will be especially crucial as an argument if she's sitting next to Andy, who played a very different game.

We'll look at Andy's game after the jump...

Andy - Andy won two Head of Households and two Vetoes. So he has the most competition credit of the Final Three. I wouldn't call him a comp powerhouse by any means, but he did have some opportunities to make game moves. What will make or break Andy's game in the end is whether or not the houseguests will forgive Andy on a personal level for all of the lying he did for strategic reasons. Andy spent the entire season walking in on conversations, gathering information, sharing some of it and pocketing the rest to use for himself or distribute at a later date. It was a sneaky game and probably not the most entertaining from our perspective, but the guy deserves credit for his efforts. Or he does if he wins this season, which he may very well do. Andy's game falls somewhere in the gray area of floaters and players. I perceive floaters to be people who do very little of their own work and rely almost entirely on stronger players. Andy maneuvered himself through this game from beginning to end. He stabbed people in the back and used their trust to further himself in the game, then discarded them when they were no longer of use to him. That's one way to play Big Brother. Heck, it could be argued that Dr. Will used such a strategy, though he was a lot more up front about it, which may be the crucial difference between the two methods. If Andy gets to the Final 2 and the jury votes for him to win, we can't say he didn't earn it.


Spencer - On game play, I would personally say that Spencer is the least deserving to win, mainly because he played such a passive game. With that said, it doesn't mean he can't win, and to be honest, I would find it kind of hilarious if he did win, mainly because he allowed himself to be used as a pawn so many times this season. How funny would it be if he were brought to the Final 2, serving as a pawn one last time, and the jurors decided to reward him for it over one of the other more aggressive players. Seeing as I really don't care all that much who wins this season, I don't think I'd hate that at all. Spencer wasn't particularly great at making stealthy moves. He proved that earlier in the season when he and Howard arranged that hinky vote. But he seemed to figure out from there to just sit back and let other people use him. He was on the block through seven evictions and very rarely in actual jeopardy of leaving because he was such a non-threat to other plays and because he never lashed out at the people who put him up. He made it almost too easy for them to use him as a pawn and not have to fear retribution. He may have been carried to the end, but he got there nonetheless, and if he gets to the Final 2, there's an argument to be made for playing that way. Plus, he did win an HoH near the end, but since HoH wins tend to count for less near the end of the season, he's unlikely to get much credit for that.

HoH comp


In case you're not caught up on the Head of Household competition updates, GinaMarie won the rollerskating endurance competition and Andy won Part 2, which wasn't shown on the feeds, but had something to do with crabs and scaling a wall. So it will come down to GinaMarie and Andy facing off in Part 3 on Wednesday night, after which one of them will choose who they want to go to the Final 2. I feel almost certain both of them plan to take Spencer. While it's possible that GM and Andy both think they have a chance of being better liked by the jury, I can't imagine they'll take the chance when they have Spencer to fill that chair one last time. But we'll find out Wednesday night.




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