Tonight's episode of Big Brother stands the chance of being pretty explosive, with another potential blindside in the works, not to mention the double-eviction. Things got tense last night between Amanda and GinaMarie, and it's at this point that I'll post the SPOILER warning. This article contains spoilers from the live feeds. If you don't want to know what's been going on in the house leading up to tonight's live episode, read no further!

Ok, you've been warned.

So, as we reported the other day, it was originally looking like Amanda would be evicted almost unanimously, with McCrae being the lone vote to keep her. And then Amanda had a conversation with Elissa that basically laid it out for her. If Amanda goes, Elissa's the next target. And she's not exactly lying there. Though Amanda doesn't know about the Exterminators alliance, she does know that Elissa's low man on the totem pole among some of the other houseguests. So the two struck a deal that Elissa would vote to keep Amanda, and Amanda will have Elissa's back in return. They exchanged jewelry (Elissa handed over her wedding ring) to seal the deal. If both sides keep their deal, they give the jewelry back. We've seen past players do this. It's just a little assurance. They also had a conversation later wherein Amanda apologized to Elissa for how she behaved last week. And the two seem to be on good terms now, which hasn't gone unnoticed by the rest of the house.

Amanda also took Andy's organ shirt (the one with the rib skeleton on it) as collateral for his vote, but that was mainly to assure Elissa that Andy's on board. Because Elissa's putting her neck out to try to save Amanda, so it's in her best interest that Amanda actually stays. The thing is, Andy's planning on voting Amanda out. At least, that's what he's told the Exterminators. He's passed along a lot of info to Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie, including Elissa's plan to save Amanda. He has not told Amanda about the Exterminators, which suggests his loyalty is with the newer alliance. And that means, if he votes Amanda out, it'll be a two-two tie (McCrae/Elissa vs. Judd/Andy), after which GinaMarie will break the tie and almost certainly vote to evict Amanda.

Andy's plan is to blame Elissa for his vote. Whether or not McCrae buys it (or Amanda buys it from the jury house) remains to be seen, but given the ring exchange, I'm thinking they might realize too late that Andy played them all week. Because he's given them every indication that he's on their side, meanwhile, he talks very enthusiastically about voting Amanda out when he's with his Exterminator people.

GinaMarie will likely be very happy to send Amanda packing tonight, if she's given the opportunity. She and Amanda had a huge, nasty blowout last night, after GinaMarie made some comment about the sleeping arrangements that made Amanda smirk. I'm not even sure what that was about to be honest, only that there was some tension between Amanda and GM involving the beds, and Amanda's smirk -- which she later admitted, was directed at GM, though she denied it during the fight -- set GinaMarie off.
The fight got ugly, with both women slinging pretty much the meanest things they could think to say about each other, talking about medication, eating disorders, sexual promiscuity, GM's interest in Nick and the fact that she's in her thirties and still single. Watch the video below, but note, the language is NOT SAFE FOR WORK:

It looks like seeing the guys laughing is what caused Amanda to break down and start crying. She was also upset that McCrae didn't come to her defense when GinaMarie was insulting her (and some of the insults involved McCrae, though GM did tell McCrae during the fight that she liked him). McCrae's argument to that was that they're playing a game, and I can't blame him entirely for not getting involved, considering Amanda was actively engaging in the fight, instigating things further by slinging insults back at GinaMarie. If she were under attack by GM or anyone else, I might feel differently, but in the end, it seems like both women came out looking bad for the situation and it didn't help either of their game.

Not long after the fight broke up, GinaMarie apologized. She's sort of like that. She gets heated up really quickly and cools down just as fast. She also took most of the blame, believing Amanda was telling the truth when she said she wasn't smirking at her. Amanda later admitted to Andy that she was actually smirking at GM (though she didn't know it was going to start a fight) and Andy, of course, passed that info along to GM. So something tells me GinaMarie won't have any trouble sending Amanda out the door tonight, if it comes to a tie. Going by what we've heard so far, that seems to be the direction tonight's live show is headed, unless Amanda, McCrae or Elissa figure out that Andy's been playing both side all week. Even if that's the case, I don't see Amanda getting saved.




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