All of the competitions have been played for the week. The Veto was won. The Veto Ceremony has taken place. And the houseguests seem pretty certain who will be sent out the door on Thursday night. Is all hope lost for this person? I don't want to think so, but the situation's looking pretty grim right now.

Live Feed spoilers ahead!

As we reported previously, since Battle of the Block, Zach won the Veto and took himself off the block. Christine was originally planning on putting Victoria up in Zach's place, but her alliance convinced her to put up Nicole instead. So Nicole and Donny are now on the block together and one of them will be evicted on Thursday night. At present, it's looking like Nicole will go and Donny will stay.

Nicole hasn't reacted super-negatively since her nomination. It seems like she had a feeling it was coming, and wasn't blindsided. As for Christine, I'm not sure why she thinks this was a good idea unless she's threatened by Nicole, or maybe thought she thought Nicole's loyalty was lost after they changed the plan to get Zach out.

Christine's reason for nominating Nicole was because her alliance told her that when Nicole was still Head of Household, before the Battle of the Block, she said she'd be willing to try to backdoor Christine. Nicole has since admitted that she did say that but only because her back was against the wall and she had no intention of doing it. The fact that Christine never even approached Nicole about this before the Veto ceremony makes me question her motives though, honestly. Because she and Nicole were getting along before that. And Christine should be looking for outside support now that her alliance has the majority of the house. She shouldn't be trying to evict a person who might be an ally.

It's good to have one person outside of your alliance that you can rely on for support. The only person who seems to be playing that way is Derrick, who has developed a very clos relationship with Victoria, one of the three non-Detonators in the house. Derrick likely knows if he's on the block against any of his own people, Victoria would be a vote in his favor. And he might even be thinking he'll take Victoria to the end, knowing she probably couldn't beat him in the Final 2.

As for how Nicole is strategizing since her nomination, it's impossible to know what she's thinking because she has no one she can really trust anymore, save Donny. But he's on the block with her, so she likely won't open up to him that much if she does have some plan to get herself through Thursday night.

I haven't seen Nicole make any big move to try to campaign to say. On the contrary, she's talking like she knows she's leaving. But she is playing nice with people. Despite the arguments and blindsides, she hung out with Christine and Cody for a little while at the hammock, laughing and joking about non-game stuff.

She also played badminton with Frankie this afternoon, and later the two had a heart to heart in the kitchen, during which time Nicole apologized more than once for the thing she said about Victoria being in his pocket because he's Ariana Grande's sister. For reference, this was information Nicole repeated, having heard from someone else that Frankie said he had Victoria in his pocket. Nicole told Frankie as much the other day when they discussed it, and she was extremely unapologetic at the time. So she's singing a very different tune now, apologizing to Frankie and telling him she wants to be friends with him.

It's really hard to say if this is game or not. Nicole has been expressing some noticeable anxiety at the thought that people watching won't like her because she's said things or because she went up against Frankie. I don't know if it's just general Big Brother anxiety, or Frankie's big reveal that's shifting her perspective on the game, but she seems really worried that people will hate her. Nicole's a fan enough of the show to be familiar with the backlash some players have experienced when they get out of the house. Little does she know that it's Frankie and Christine who are currently holding the bottom two spots of Joker's Updates user-voted houseguest ranking list, falling just behind Cody, for some reason. That ranking list changes daily and can shift pretty drastically from one week to the next. Nicole and Donny are at the top, and one of them is going home this week. Boo.

Zach's also near the top of the list, and he may have been clued in to his popularity a tiny bit. Last night, Christine and Derrick were on the hammock and somebody yelled over the wall "I love you Zach!" Christine didn't seem thrilled about that at all. The houseguests were all sent inside and they told the rest of the house what was said.

Eviction speculation after the jump...
At this point, Donny and Nicole are my favorite BB16 houseguests, with Derrick being my realistic pick to win, as he's playing the best social and strategic game this summer so far. I'd love to see Derrick in a Final 2 with either Donny or Nicole, but right now, the odds aren't high for that. I don't even think Donny has a shot at being taken to the end by anyone, since he's so well liked by everyone in the jury. He could win his way to the end, but that would be very hard to do if he becomes the primary target, since he'd have to win every other Head of Household and at least every other Veto to get there. Or there would have to be a drastic shift in the house -- like a full-on divide with both sides wanting Donny as a number. That's not entirely out of the realm of possibility, but it's just a scenario that could happen, not something that's actually in play right now.

As for Nicole, I'm hoping that her positive attitude in the house is strategy to soften up the houseguests and eventually convince them to keep her. Her best bet might be to work Derrick and convince him she'd make it her mission to go after Christine and Frankie if she stayed. But without seeing the diary room sessions, it's hard to know what she's planning, if she's even planning anything at all.

In other news, the feeds have been boring for most of the day because the houseguest's sleep schedules are all out of whack. They stay up super late at night and then sleep all day. Boring. That and the lack of game talk has led to few exciting updates. But there's still time for some big game stuff to happen this week.




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