CBS 2011 Fall TV Premiere: Unforgettable

By Kelly West 5 years ago discussion comments
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CBS 2011 Fall TV Premiere: Unforgettable image
Among the drama series picked up by CBS for Fall 2011 is Unforgettable, which centers on a former police detective with a nearly flawless memory. A gift like that has to come in handy when she's trying to solve homicides but I'm thinking there are probably drawbacks to not being able to forget anything.

We donít have a trailer or clips to show you just yet but the synopsis definitely sounds intriguing, especially if youíre a fan of dramas featuring murder mysteries and/or people with rare abilities. Unforgettable has both. Carrie Wells (played by Poppy Montgomery) canít forget anything, with the exception of the details related to her sisters murder. Using her near-perfect memory to solve homicide cases, sheís also hoping to uncover the truth behind her sisterís death.

Below is CBSí synopsis and a behind the scenes look at the series.

UNFORGETTABLE stars Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Wells, an enigmatic former police detective with a rare condition that makes her memory so flawless that every place, every conversation, every moment of joy and every heartbreak is forever embedded in her mind. It's not just that she doesn't forget anything - she can't; except for one thing: the details that would help solve her sister's long-ago murder.

Carrie has tried to put her past behind her, but she's unexpectedly reunited with her ex-boyfriend and partner, NYPD Detective Al Burns (Dylan Walsh), when she consults on a homicide case. His squad includes Det. Mike Costello (Michael Gaston), Al's right-hand man; Detective Roe Saunders (Kevin Rankin), the junior member of the team; and Detective Nina Inara (Daya Vaidya), a sassy, street-smart cop. Being back on the job after a break feels surprisingly right for Carrie. Despite her conflicted feelings for Al, she decides to permanently join his unit as a detective solving homicides - most notably, the unsolved murder of her sister. All she needs to do is remember. Ed Redlich, John Bellucci, Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly are executive producers for Sony Television Studios in association with CBS Television Studios.

Unforgettable will air on Tuesdays (10-11 p.m.) on CBS starting Fall 2011.

CLICK HERE to view CBSí Fall 2011 Primetime Schedule.
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