CBS Hires Former Law & Order Showrunner Ed Zuckerman To Head Blue Bloods

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago discussion comments
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CBS Hires Former Law & Order Showrunner Ed Zuckerman To Head Blue Bloods image
A few months ago, the creators behind CBS series Blue Bloods were unceremoniously let go. Ordinarily these change-ups after a freshmen season arenít altogether shocking, but in the case of Blue Bloods it was a bit surprising given how strongly the cop show performed all season in the notoriously difficult Friday night time slot. CBS played nice at the time and thanked the men for their service, but the behind the scenes rumors told a much more contentious story. The word was CBS wanted to make Blue Bloods a lot more procedural while the creators were steering it toward a more sequential story arc. Obviously, the Tiffany Network won out, and their choice of replacements seems to validate the gossip.

Longtime Law & Order showrunner Ed Zuckerman has been hired to run the series as its heads into its sophomore season. Throughout its storied history, there has perhaps never been a more procedural show than Law & Order. The Dick Wolf creation ran for a lot of years, but nearly all of the episodes can be played in any order in syndication. Thatís what many cable networks tend to look for when theyíre buying programs, and if Blue Bloods continues on beyond a few more seasons, itíll likely end up on TNT or some other like-minded network for a long syndicated run.

According to Deadline, Blue Bloods still hasnít been officially renewed by CBS, but with the showrunner they want now in place, that announcement is definitely imminent. Look for the show to return to its Friday night timeslot next season.
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