Call The Midwife: 5 Big Reasons It's One Of TV's Best Shows

By Jessica Rawden 12 months ago discussion comments
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Chummy Is One Of TVís Most Surprising Characters
Call the Midwife found a true gem when the show signed on British comedienne Miranda Hart. The actress is most famous overseas for her sitcom Miranda, but in the States, itís her Call The Midwife character who stands out. In Call the Midwife Hart plays Nurse ďChummyĒ Browne, a kind but bumbling young woman who washes out of high society but finds her niche in midwifery. Early in the series, Chummy didnít really seem to fit into the world of the Nonnatus Nursing Convent, but headed into Season 3, the character has totally changed, making her one of the most interesting and also most surprising characters on television.

Chummy is a loud and tall woman, making her a standout in any room. Despite this, sheís a kind-hearted and extremely loving individual with a brave and steady spirit. She adds some of the best humor to the series, and itís humor of the Jimmy Fallon variety, often laughing at herself but never making mean-spirited jabs at her friends and coworkers. Over the years, sheís also capably crafted the reputation of being the teacher in the group, bravely introducing young mothers to new birthing techniques. Call the Midwife would be a very different show without its sense of humor, but thanks to Chummy, itís another reason to watch the series.
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