Call The Midwife: 5 Big Reasons It's One Of TV's Best Shows

By Jessica Rawden 2 years ago discussion comments
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The Fifties Are Out, The Sixties Are In
While Call the Midwife’s postwar vision of England places it into an unusual time period in television history, it’s also important that the show has been dynamic enough to change over a period of years. This season, we won’t be stuck dealing with saddle shoes and rockabilly music. Instead, we’ll be stepping into London in the swinging sixties, a time when culture and society will rapidly change. This should give viewers a chance to listen to new music and gawk at a shifting cultural viewpoint, but hopefully it means that our characters will also be growing and maturing in new ways.

Call the Midwife has never tried to hide a cast that is very much in the throes of planning out the rest of their lives. Last season, a newly married Chummy headed off to Africa for a few episodes, while Sister Bernadette left the nunnery in favor of a married life. However, the show has three more young ducklings in Jenny, Trixie and Cynthia. They’ve each grown into capable adults in the series and Season 3 should each take them down even more interesting roads.
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