Charlies Angels Remake: Genius Idea Or Another Flop?

By Kelly West 7 years ago discussion comments
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Charlies Angels Remake: Genius Idea Or Another Flop? image
A Charlieís Angels remake could be a stroke of TV genius or a complete disaster. Iím thinking there can be no in between on this one. Variety reports that ABC is close to giving a pilot order on a remake of the popular 1970ís series, with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles creator/(adaptor) Josh Friedman to writ and exec-produce.

On one hand, remakes seem to be hit or miss these days. Battlestar Galactica soared, while Knight Rider and Bionic Woman flopped. And while V seems to have gotten off to a good start on ABC, The CWís remake of Melrose Place isnít cutting it. So, which side of the line would a remake of Charlieís Angels fall? It seems ABCís contemplating that very question.

For me personally, I barely remember the original Charlieís Angels, so I havenít exactly been crossing my fingers that they bring it back. Itís Friedmanís involvement in the potential series that gives me hope that the remake could actually be amazing and not just an excuse to put three hot chicks in various skin-tight get-ups and have them run around making cute one-liners as they solve crimes and beat up bad-guys. Maybe I still have a bad taste in my mouth over the Charlieís Angels films. Still, Friedman excelled at bringing out the strength in Sarah Connorís character in Terminator: SCC without completely stripping her of her femininity. I could see him finding a similar balance in a new version of Angels.
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