Comic Con: Details From The Battlestar Galactica Panel

By Kelly West 8 years ago discussion comments
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Comic Con: Details From The Battlestar Galactica Panel image
Cinema Blendís Ed Perkis just checked in from Comic Con to give me the scoop on some of the things that were talked about at todayís Battlestar Galactica panel. Among the notable topics discussed were of course, the identity of the fifth cylon, Baltarís cult and what the ending of the series is going to look like.

As youíre probably wondering what news we got about the fifth, Iím sad to report that according to Ed, everyone is being very tight-lipped about the identity of the final Cylon. Though there was some joking among the cast about it, Moore refused to give any hints as to who it is.

Regarding the end of the show, James Callis (who plays Baltar) said the ending reminds him of Apocolypse Now. The horror! And speaking of Callis, the whole business with Baltar's cult will be resolved by the end of the series. The only other news we have to report right now is that Tricia Helfer says she gets to use a gun in the second half of the final season. She wouldnít say in what context, though. Ed will have more details about the panel and all of the other stuff we missed out on sometime later.
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