Could Lost's Sawyer Be The New Rockford?

By Josh Tyler 2010-08-25 15:30:09 discussion comments
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NBC has long been interested in reviving the classic James Garner detective series The Rockford Files and now they may finally have found the right man to take Garnerís job. EW says theyíve heard rumors that Lostís recently retired Sawyer Josh Holloway could be up for the part. Why? Because heís a perfect fit.

There arenít any serious talks involving Holloway at the moment, this is all just whispers in the hallway. But theyíre good whispers. Right-headed whispers. Nobody will ever replace James Garner but I canít imagine anyone else coming closer to slipping into Rockfordís sly shoes than Josh. Still David Shore, whoís in charge of the Rockford reboot, says itís too early to start naming names and Hollowayís reps arenít talking either. But Sawyerís brief stint as a cop in Lostís alternate universe episodes couldnít have hurt as an audition.

The Rockford Files originally ran on NBC from 1974 Ė 1980. The show starred James Garner as an LA private investigator named Jim Rockford. Basically they took Garnerís popular wild west Maverick character and found a way to put him in a modern setting. Rockford was an ex-con who served time for a crime he didnít commit. He lived in a squalid mobile home on the beach, being a PI didnít really seem to keep him in luxury, and Rockford didnít really seem to care about keeping things neat and clean. One of the things that set Rockford apart from the dozens of other PIs on TV at the time was his aversion to violence. Heíd as soon talk his way out of a jam as pick up a gun. Whenever there was trouble, youíd usually find Rockford running away from it.

It may be too early for the rebootís producers to start making a cast list but itís not too early for us. What do you think, fellow TV viewers? Is Josh Holloway the perfect replacement Rockford?
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