Courteney Cox To Star In New ABC Comedy Series

By Kelly West 8 years ago discussion comments
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Courteney Cox To Star In New ABC Comedy Series image
ABC has a new comedy series in the works. The series, which is titled Cougar Town (Iím guessing the title has little to do with actual cats) is the creation of Scrubs mastermind Bill Lawrence. Whatís more, Courteney Cox is has been brought on board for the lead role.

According to HR Cougar Town is going to be a single-camera comedy series that centers on a newly single 40-year-old mom with a teenage son. Lawrence, who worked with Cox when he wrote for Friends apparently drew some inspiration for the new show from his wife, Christa Miller. Lawrence said, "Forty-year-old women on TV are so beautiful and perfect and wrinkle-free. People don't do the reality of it, and there is a real comedy area about a woman who is talking about Botox, about having sex with the lights on and how her body is changing."

From the vague description and some of the assumptions we can draw from the title (Iím assuming the lead character has a thing for younger men?), the series sounds interesting and Cox, whom Lawrence describes as ďcomedically fearlessĒ is a great choice to star. Itíll be good to see her back in a lead role on network television again.

Lawrence is just finishing up the postproduction on the eighth season of Scrubs, which is set to air on ABC sometime next year. Cox guest stars in the first three episodes.
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