Dave Coulier Can't Get Arrested, Talks About Doing A TV Show With Flavor Flav

By Kelly West 5 years ago discussion comments
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Dave Coulier Can't Get Arrested, Talks About Doing A TV Show With Flavor Flav image
Dave Coulier and Flava Flav in a TV show together? Cut it out! (Insert hand gestures here). The Full House star spoke of such a scenario in a recent interview about his webseries Canít Get Arrested, which has him teamed up with fellow Full House vet Jodie Sweetin.

The Huffington Post posted an interview with Coulier, which discusses Canít Get Arrested, a five-episode webseries that features Coulier and Sweetin as they deal with ďdoing everything they can to stay Ďattractiveí to the paparazzi.Ē The first episode of the webseries, which includes a fake Sweetin nipple slip, is posted below.

Youíll also note that Coulier makes mention of doing a TV show with his fellow The Surreal Life Season 3 co-star Flava Flav. Coulier talks about the concept in the interview with the Huffington Post, saying:
Yeah, we always wanted to do a show together. It'd be called, "Dave and Flav," about the whitest midwestern guy living with the guy from public enemy. We meet each other on a park bench and then we hear this baby crying, and we look back and it's a baby in a stroller, and we're like, "What are we gonna do? We gotta take care of the baby." So we befriend each other and raise this baby.

Itís entirely possible (maybe even probable, considering it's used as a joke in the web series) that Coulier is joking or that this is just an idea he and Flav toyed with at one point. But letís face it, Coulier is sort of due for a comeback, isnít he? Bob Saget continues to lend his voice to CBSí How I Met Your Mother and John Stamos has had plenty of TV exposure in recent years (ER, Glee). Where's the love for Coulier... other than TV movies and plenty of voice work (including Robot Chicken)?

Cloulier fans can check out the first four episodes of Canít Get Arrested here and keep an eye out for the fourth one, which should go up next Monday.
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