David Archuleta Guest Stars On Hannah Montana

By Kelly West 7 years ago discussion comments
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David Archuleta Guest Stars On Hannah Montana image
Itís Miley!!! Yeah, I rarely take an interest in the latest going-ons with Miley Cyrus and her Disney Channel show Hanna Montana, however, since this Sundayís episode concerns a certain second-place winner of last seasonís American Idol, that definitely makes the show a tad bit more appealing. And by a tad, I mean, if youíre a David Archuleta fan, you might be interested in checking out these video clips.

Dorky acting aside, at least we know Archie can sing right? And if thatís what youíre expecting to see from Archuleta when he appears in this Sundayís ep of Hannah Montana, you wonít be disappointed! Miley and David duet?! Call the cutie-patooty police because once you check out these videos, youíre going to get a dose of adorable that just canít be legal.

Hereís the official episode description:

ď"Promma Mia" Ė Miley inadvertently agrees to go to prom with Aaron, the school nerd. When the chance comes up to record a duet with David Archuleta, Miley uses it as an excuse to flake on her date. However, guilt takes over and Miley does the right thing after realizing the importance of keeping a promise. Meanwhile, Robby helps Jackson realize the benefits of enrolling in college in a new episode of "Hannah Montana," premiering SUNDAY, MAY 3 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney Channel. The episode also includes the debut of "I Wanna Know You," by Miley Cyrus and David ArchuletaĒ

Videos below:

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