Eric McCormack Leads A Cavalcade Of ABC Pilot Casting

By Steve West 7 years ago discussion comments
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Eric McCormack Leads A Cavalcade Of ABC Pilot Casting image
Eric McCormack is returning to network television comedy, and this time hes not gay. Right? Because on Will & Grace he played a gay character. Ive never been so tempted to use an emoticon thus removing the last remnants of my soul in a news story before. The untitled Tad Quill ABC sitcom will also star Reno Wilson, Jolie Jenkins and Constance Zimmer.

McCormack will play Dean, a heart surgeon with a baby. Wilson plays Seth, the friend who now has an empty home. Jenkins and Zimmer will play the wives of the two men respectively. But the ABC pilot casting doesnt stop there: Lindsay Sloane, Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Charlie Finn have taken the lead roles in Pulling. The series is a British transport that follows the lives of three single women who live together after one breaks off an engagement the day before her wedding. Sounds a little like Friends meets Sex & The City.

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