Farscape And Fraggle Rock Available On ITunes

By Kelly West 8 years ago discussion comments
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Farscape And Fraggle Rock Available On ITunes image
Fans of the series Fraggle Rock and/or Farscape will be pleased to learn that episodes of both series have now become available for purchase or download on iTunes. According to my sources, the episodes were supposed to be made available on January 28th but when I checked iTunes yesterday, neither show was listed. The good news is, theyíre up today!

The first season of Fraggle Rock includes twenty-four episodes including the very first episode of the series. I actually remember my dad letting me and my sisters stay up a half hour past bedtime to watch that episode when it aired on HBO so I think I may actually have to shell out the $1.99 to purchase it and see if itís as great as I remember it. To download the entire season, the cost is $34.99.

Farscapeís first season consists of twenty-two episodes at $1.99 a piece but the full season can be purchased for $39.99. Iím going to be honest when I say I know very little about Farscape other than the fact that the people who like this show really love it. Whenever I hear news about a series being available on iTunes, I like to check to see if the cost of the DVD is significantly different from iTunesí price. So what is the deal with Farscapeís DVD situation? When I did a search for it on sites like Amazon.com, I found multiple volumes for each season and one ďComplete First Season Ē set that doesnít appear to be available to purchase through Amazon unless you buy it from a private seller and shell out over $200. The second season is available in its entirety through Amazon but it costs just under $80. Thatís a bit much for a TV series, donít you think?

Itís probable that this DVD issue is something Farscape fans have been annoyed about for a while but as a non-Farscape fan, can someone explain to me why the series is being distributed this way? If this is the way itís always been then $39.99 for the whole season on iTunes seems like a pretty amazing bargain. Then again, Iím guessing most die-hard Farscape fans have probably already shelled out the money for the first season on DVD by now.
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