From Who To Hamlet For David Tennant

By David Wharton 7 years ago discussion comments
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From Who To Hamlet For David Tennant image
Doctor Who fans the world over are still in mourning that the golden age of David Tennant as The Doctor has come to an end. Sure, weíve still got a few TV movies that havenít aired here in the States yet, but it canít distract from the fact that Tennant set a new bar for Doctor Who, and now depressed Who fans are left with nothing but fond memories and the pre-pubescent question mark that is Matt Smith.

Still, just because Tennant has forsaken us doesnít mean we canít still continue to enjoy his talents and support his career as an actor, right? For instance, Variety reports that PBSís Great Performances will be airing the Royal Shakespeare Company production of Hamlet that starred Tennant as the great Dane (Hamlet, not Scooby Doo -- although I would watch Tennant play Scooby if offered the chance) sometime in 2010. I mean, Shakespeareís plays are sort of like Doctor Who. I think The Doctor met Shakespeare a couple of times, so thatís something. Right?

If youíre craving a Tennant fix before then, heíll also be hosting Masterpiece Contemporary when it returns to PBS on October 25th. SighÖ
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