Game of Thrones: They Were Always Doomed, Weren't They?

By Jessica Rawden 2 years ago discussion comments
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Ygritte Ain’t No Lady
A spearwife and warrior, Ygritte was one tough cookie. She was also a woman who knew what she wanted, and when she set her sights on Jon Snow, she pushed him to sleep with her, even though he faithfully resisted at first. Their relationship was one of convenience and one that was pretty much steeped in sex. I’m not saying Snow and Ygritte lacked affection for one another, but as the title of this article notes, they truly were doomed from the start.

Even if Snow had found some way out of his contract at The Wall and even if Ygritte was game to become a member of the upper class elite, can you imagine her trying to get anything done in those horrible bell sleeves Sansa always wears? Oh god, or sitting there with a bunch of embroidery needles making scenescapes of feasts and tournaments? Or trying to say “You know nothing Jon Snow” with a crisp, upper class accent? She would rather die, and did.
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