Will New Girl Ever Do A Musical Episode?

By Jessica Grabert 2012-05-29 13:37:11 discussion comments
Will New Girl Ever Do A Musical Episode?  image
Zooey Deschanel’s music endeavors have been more prominent and well-reviewed than some of her fellow actors like Scarlett Johansson, whose Tom Waits cover album has probably been forgotten by most people. A big percentage of Deschanel’s musical success, even with She & Him, is likely due to the prominent percentage of the time she has spent with singing onscreen. From Elf to 500 Days of Summer Deschanel has become kind Hollywood’s go to singin’ It girl; however, that’s not something viewers have really gotten from her on Fox’s New Girl.

With musical programs from Fox’s Glee to NBC’s Smash making musical numbers more prominent on network television, it stands to reason—fingers crossed--New Girl could potentially feature a musical episode. TV Line recently caught up with the network star to test her feelings on the idea. Unfortunately, her response was not quite as positive as one might hope.
“I’m not sure. You always have to consider how things fit into the world of the show. The comedy is totally different on Community. They can get away with making things a bit more surreal.”

The surreal thing is definitely true, but I think the TV series is clever enough to be able to fit music in if it was something the writers really wanted to do. Maybe they could even work a musical or some musical format into the plotline the way It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia did.

The star went on to say the whole idea sounds “really fun” and that she would certainly be interested in using her vocals; however, it looks like that sort of thing is not yet in the works for Season 2. It never hurts to plant an idea though, right?
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