Golden Globe Winners: The 5 Biggest Surprises

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Kevin Costner wins for Hatfields & McCoys!
By Jessica Rawden
Kevin Costner didnít speak as if he had expected a win the award for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Movie at the Golden Globes tonight. When you look at the competition in his category and Costnerís track record with acting in the years prior to the success of History Channelís Hatfields & McCoys, itís easy to see why he may not have perceived himself to be a high- ranking candidate. Fighting against the well-liked Woody Harrelson in Game Change, which did quite well at these awards, as well as Benedict Cumberbatchís performance in Sherlock, arguably the best show on television, as well as Clive Owen and Toby Jones, Costnerís portrayal of the head of the Hatfield Clan had stiff competition. I canít say enough great things about Hatfields & McCoys, so I wonít even try, but seeing Costner earn a win at a comeback point in his career and watching him graciously accept with a throwback speech in the twilight of his professional life, was the most subtle and most endearing surprise of the night.
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