The Golden Globes is an exciting ceremony for a TV fan, as we get to see the stars and producers of some of our favorite TV shows honored with awards for their efforts. It's always good when we, the viewers, agree with the Hollywood Foreign Press on their choices for the past year's best of the best. But it's not always easy to predict which way they'll vote and whether or not they get it right is certainly subject to opinion and debate. And sometimes our picks don't line up with the HFPA's choices.

We came up with our biggest reactions to this year's results among the TV categories.

By Katey Rich
It wasn’t just that Lena Dunham snuck in and took the Best Actress in a Comedy statue away from the likes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Zooey Deschanel and co-hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. And it wasn’t just that she was back upstage again an hour later, accepting the award on behalf of her entire cast and crew for Best Comedy Series. It was that she looked so genuinely excited the entire time. There’s an inherent cynicism about the Globes, which are voted on by about 85 mysterious press people and happen months after the Emmys and about a month before the Oscars-- most of the winners have won before or will win again, and in contests considered much more prestigious. But last night was the first time Dunham had ever gotten to accept an award on behalf of Girls, and her excitement was infectious. Watching the show’s new season premiere later that night was all the sweeter, knowing that last night, for once, things finally turned out pretty well for Hannah.

Homeland sweeps dramas but no statue for Mandy Patinkin?!
By Kelly West
While many may argue that Homeland's second season didn't quite live up to its first, it's still one of the best dramas on television, so I certainly won't complain that the show cleaned up last night. In fact, for the drama-specific nominees, it swept the genre. The Hollywood Foreign Press got it right in awarding Homeland the Best Drama series, and for honoring Claire Danes (again) for Best Actress and Damian Lewis (who was nominated but lost to Kelsey Grammer last year) for Best Actor. But where's the love for Mandy Patinkin? To be fair, he was nominated this year, which is more than we can say about last year. But the Actor in a Supporting Role category is a lumped together category that includes comedies and miniseries. And it was Game Change's Ed Harris who took that award. Given Game Change. Harris is certainly great, but it would've been great to see Homeland snag that fourth award, particularly because of just how much Patinkin brings to the series as the patient but intense mentor to Danes' Carrie. Maybe next year!

Kevin Costner wins for Hatfields & McCoys!
By Jessica Rawden
Kevin Costner didn’t speak as if he had expected a win the award for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Movie at the Golden Globes tonight. When you look at the competition in his category and Costner’s track record with acting in the years prior to the success of History Channel’s Hatfields & McCoys, it’s easy to see why he may not have perceived himself to be a high- ranking candidate. Fighting against the well-liked Woody Harrelson in Game Change, which did quite well at these awards, as well as Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance in Sherlock, arguably the best show on television, as well as Clive Owen and Toby Jones, Costner’s portrayal of the head of the Hatfield Clan had stiff competition. I can’t say enough great things about Hatfields & McCoys, so I won’t even try, but seeing Costner earn a win at a comeback point in his career and watching him graciously accept with a throwback speech in the twilight of his professional life, was the most subtle and most endearing surprise of the night.

Don Cheadle beats Louis C.K. and Alec Baldwin?!
By Jesse Carp
When the Golden Globe nominations were announced one particular nominee stood out in the Best Actor in a television series, musical or comedy and it wasn't just because Don Cheadle was a newcomer (or movies star) in a category filled with familiar TV faces. The nod wasn't a head-scratcher due to any lack of talent on the Academy Award nominee's part, Cheadle shines in pretty much any role he's given (required he doesn't have to put on a cockney accent), but because the show in which he stars is an absolutely terrible. And then the surprise nomination for the lackluster (at best) series turned into an unwarranted win during last night's ceremony.

House of Lies shouldn't have been rewarded with a second season let alone any awards, but Cheadle somehow managed to beat out the likes of Louis C.K. and Alec Baldwin. The leading man does a pretty decent job with the dreck, sorry, material he's given but it's hard to praise the work when connecting with the character (or supporting the series in general) is pretty much impossible. Oh well, only more defeatist fuel for Louis when he decides to return to FX and Baldwin's got to bag it next year as 30 Rock wraps.

Did Maggie Smith deserve to win over Archie Punjabi?
By Mack Rawden
I’ll be the first to admit that Maggie Smith is the most enjoyable part of Downton Abbey. Her Dowager Countess is always ready with a hysterical, passive aggressive quip or the second best flowers in the surrounding area, but there is a difference between being a great character and being a challenging character to act. Smith is an absolute treasure and an incredible actress, but more often than not, she’s not really asked to do much on Downton other than act offended and cut the legs out from underneath people with biting retorts. A strong case could be made that she’s not even the best supporting actress on her own show let alone in the entire world. The Good Wife’s Archie Punjabi’s Kalinda, on the other hand, is consistently required to straddle the line between being a loving sounding board for Alicia and a badass investigator required to use both her brains and her strength to gain information. She simply has more depth than the Dowager Countess, and in my estimation, Punjabi was more deserving of the award than Smith.

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