Gordon Ramsay Tooning Into Animated Series

By David Wharton 7 years ago discussion comments
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Gordon Ramsay Tooning Into Animated Series image
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has become known to American audiences thanks to his over-the-top antics on Hellís Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. Having already conquered worlds both culinary and televisual, what brave new worlds remain? How about stop-motion?

According to Variety, Ramsay is set to star in a stop-motion comedy series called Gordon Ramsay, at Your Service. Itís in the works from Canadian animation company Cuppa Coffee Studios. No writers attached and there arenít many other details, but a likely log-line for the project is, ďlike Gordon Ramsay, only more stop-motion-y.Ē

In the meantime, you can get your fill of Ramsay Tuesday nights on FOX.
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