Grey's Anatomy Recap - Tainted Obligation

By Amanda Krill 7 years ago discussion comments
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Grey's Anatomy Recap - Tainted Obligation image
First off, I think we should all acknowledge that there is no way that Izzieís hair would be this long at this point. That being said, the intro to this episode was absolutely classic. I struggle daily with all of the obligations I have every day Ė for those of you who donít know, Iím a wife, mom, writer, entrepreneur and Iím way in debt to credit cards. I know about obligations. But, the upside of my life is that I have never opened my door to a bear standing on its hind legs. Nope Ė never.

The chief has a meeting with the Seattle Grace docs, and it turns into a firestorm. Not one doc is happy about the merger. Cristina is freaking out because she feels like sheís not getting enough surgeries. What a baby. She whines her way through the entire episode. She does finally get in on the penis surgery (youíll read about that later).

Lexie comes in with her dad and Meredith immediately assumes heís drunk. I know how she feels. He actually turns out to not be drunk Ė just vomiting blood, and way way disoriented. Mer correctly assumes that heís in need of a liver transplant, or heís toast. Itís really really hard to watch your parents self-destruct. Seattle Graceís policy is that an alcoholic has to be sober 1 year to qualify for a transplant. Lexie jumps right up and offers a piece of her liver, and Mark is none too thrilled. Meredith has no plans to help out with her own liver, but everyone pretty much expects her too. Lexie gives her a great big speech about giving her dad back to her. She finally does it Ė but good oleí dad turns it down. The Chief even tries, but itís a NO. Meredith changes his mind by telling him that he isnít anything to her, but the guy who used to pour milk on her cereal. But, she loves Lexie, so sheís doing it for her. That touches Thatcherís heart, and he goes through with it. He, of course, lives Ė and Meredith tells him the door is open for them to get to know each other.

Markís getting a lot of face time tonight, because one of his elderly patients decides to get a penile implant. The bestest part is when the old man asks how to pump the implant up, and finds out heís got to just jiggle his sack. His son & daughter-in-law are not happy Ė they basically donít want him to waste his money on it (translation, THEIR money). He puts his foot down, and goes ahead with the testing and prep. His son decides to manipulate him, but Mark sticks up for him. When Cristina ďtests the apparatusĒ, itís just plain classic.

I didnít mention it before, but Alex was the lucky guy who got to walk out of his home sweet home and meet a bear Ė and heís less happy than I probably would have been. And heís pretty much freaking out that he lives in the wild. A tick on his neck pushes him over the edge, and he plans to lay down the law that he and Izzie have to move back to civilization, yeah, but then he caves to make his (still alive) wife happy.

Izzie is occupied with a young man with cancer similar to hers. He and his girlfriend have been together for 8 years, and heís afraid to propose. Turns out, heís just waiting for remission. Hunt wants to skip the surgery and tell him heís pretty much a goner, but Izzie fights hard for him to have a chance to fight. They go ahead with surgery, but he doesnít make it. Hunt is overcome with the fact that he could have had a few more months, but they basically took him from it.

Cristina finally breaks out of whiny mode, and tells the Chief off. She wants surgeries, and she wants to learn Ė but if Seattle Grace canít provide that, she wants to be cut. Callie finally talks to the Chief and gets her job back. Next week we get to meet the new non-team players, and a beloved doc gets cut.
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