HBO's Treme Will Be Finished After Season 4

By Jessica Grabert 5 years ago discussion comments
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HBO's Treme Will Be Finished After Season 4 image
Treme has gone through some ups and downs in its two seasons. Not only have the characters had to struggle with interpersonal problems and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but low ratings have plagued the show. Though Treme has a loyal and critical fan base, for fans, learning Treme would be picked up for not only a third, but also a fourth season was probably a bit of a relief. Now, however, Treme creator David Simon has confirmed that Season 4 will mark the end of the HBO show.

Deciding on a four-season story arc isnít totally unwarranted. According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, many fans were hoping the series would follow the city through to the 2010 Super Bowl Victory. Simon worked through the various story arcs with co-creator Eric Overmyer and veteran writer George Pelecanos, and after debating between four or five seasons, decided four was just right.

This news isnít really all that bad. Since Season 2 played out over more than a year-long time frame, perhaps Treme might still get through the Super Bowl victory. Secondly, for fans more interested in the characters and their personal lives, Treme is currently filming Season 3, meaning there will be two full upcoming seasons for fans to get invested in. It always sucks when a show you love has a definite end date, but there are certainly worse ways to go. If anything, Tremeís carefully crafted ending shows how much creative control HBO gives to its programs' creators and to what lengths the network is willing to go to ensure its stories play out as perfectly as possible.
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