Heffner Narrates Amber Heard Into A Bunny Outfit: Watch 4 Minutes From The Playboy Club

By Josh Tyler 5 years ago discussion comments
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When Hugh Heffner opened the first Playboy Club in 1960 Chicago it was known for a lot of pretty swanky, swingin 60s things. None of those things are on display in this footage from the TV show about the opening of the club in that era. Count me disappointed.

Instead what youll see in the four minutes of footage from The Playboy Club below, is some sort of murder mystery involving preening lawyers and helpless girls. The opening narration by Hugh Heffner at least seems promising, but these clips make it seem like the show is more about Chicago corruption than anything actually going on at the birth of Hugh Heffners Playboy empire.

Check out the footage:

Are you seeing the same things Im seeing here? Amber Heard looks awkward and underutilized. Young Hugh Heffner is nowhere to be found. Im really not sure what Im watching. Id hoped for a more sexed up version of Mad Men, a show that explored the sexual revolution of the sixties clashing with the dying, buzzcuts of the fifties as Hefs empire literally changes the way wed view sexuality through exclusive memberships and girls in bunny ears. None of that is here. Maybe Id just expected too much.

What do you think? Are you still interested in The Playboy Club?

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