Heigl Not Returning To Greys Anatomy?

By Kelly West 6 years ago discussion comments
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Heigl Not Returning To Greys Anatomy? image
Those of you who have been anxiously waiting for Izzie to return to Seattle Grace may be in for a major disappointment. Rumor has it, Katherine Heiglís done with the show and Izzie will not be reappearing even to make a more official departure.

Entertainment Weeklyís Ausiello got the dirt on the situation. He posted today that while one of his sources says Heigl's set to return to the show, another is saying she was scheduled to return to work on March 1st but that didnít happen. His sources went on to say that after months of talks between Heigl and ABC, both sides decided it would be best if she didnít return to finish out the season.

So, if the rumor is true, what does this mean for Izzie Stevens? I had to look up the status on her character because, despite telling myself I was going to get caught up on Greyís, I havenít been able to muster up the interest and Iím starting to think if a TV show requires ďmusteringĒ of any kind, itís probably best to do what Heigl may have done and just part ways amicably. That said, Iím sure those of you who have been watching the show know that Heiglís character Izzie left Seattle Grace after beating cancer, then nearly killing a patient and getting fired. Sheís been missing from action ever since. Well, it seems that could be the last of her on-screen story, though from the way Ausiello put it, it does sound as though she parted ways on good terms to perhaps sheíll make a guest appearance sometime down the line.
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